Cape Verde

Heaven has its stars, the ocean has its pearls.


Infinite, white beaches and turquoise sea   

   Only 5,5 hours of flight & no jetlag               

  25°-30° all year around                               

 Locals are very hospitable                          

   Discover the wonders of Cape Verde            



What makes Cape Verde really special?

Pleasant climate

A pleasant sunny climate 365 days a year with an average temperature of 25 to 30 °C. How does that sound? Wonderful, right?
The location near the equator and the sea breeze prevailing on the island provide the perfect temperature balance. It is the perfect destination for recharging your batteries in winter.



Cape Verde is synonymous with relaxing and unwinding, enjoying the natural beauty around you. Walking on heavenly white beaches fringed with palm trees and overlooking the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean ... paradise.
The beaches of Cape Verde are not only a great place for people to stay, but also very important as a breeding ground for turtles. During the summer season, you can witness whale migration: a stunning spectacle.


Everything for relaxing

Everyone visiting Cape Verde will have their own pursuits. It is wonderful just being there, or you could hike, bike, dive, or surf. Whatever the choice, you will have a fantastic time.
In the picturesque villages, you walk along charming alleyways, past authentic quintas, churches and market squares, where village festivals take place several times a year. Enjoy delicious food and drink, loiter in a cafe, or just have a chat. The locals are only too happy to welcome you!


Affordable real estate

Many holiday resorts are now saturated with investments in foreign real estate. In Cape Verde, there are a great number of opportunities, as the archipelago is still relatively undeveloped. This means that real estate there is currently still very affordable.
The standard of living is good, the politics stable and the opportunities for growth promising. Moreover, the Cape Verde escudo (local currency) is linked to the euro, which ensures sufficient financial stability.
The location is superb, the climate is wonderful, nature is overwhelmingly beautiful, the hotel sector is flourishing, and the occupancy rate is rising. So it is the ideal time for investors to obtain an optimal return.


Easy to get

After a flight of just 5.5 hours, you set foot on an exotic destination in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in another continent. You can reach Cape Verde from Europe with about 20 airlines offering about 115 flights every week.
Thanks to the small time difference (2 hours in winter, 3 hours in summer), you won't suffer from jet lag. No wonder Cape Verde is in the top 10 most popular destinations according to Expedia.