A proven and rewarding real estate investment:

A combination of a guaranteed investment return and

a luxurious lifestyle with a holiday home in an idyllic and sunny location!

An extremely intelligent real estate investment, a smart move!


1. Carefree investment

  • No administration or follow-up
  • No personal responsibility for maintenance, repairs, etc. to your property
  • No extra costs
  • Everything is arranged for you

2. Great returns

  • 7% net yield from day 1
  • 5% net from the 5th year .
  • Guaranteed buyback from 3rd year after purchase.
  • Contact us for a personalized offer.

3. Fiscally Interesting

  • Only 3% registration fees
  • Inheritance tax is barely 3%
  • No taxation on rental income in Cape Verde

4. Stability and confidence

  • Democratic and politically stable country
  • Brand-new facilities such as schools, hospitals and airport
  • Tour operators indicate Cape Verde as a reliable choice

5. Tourism booming

  • Tourism is one of the main economic mainstays
  • Strict high-rise regulations to preserve unique landscapes
  • Quality of life and natural beauty is maintained on the islands
  • Government focuses on authentic and unique experiences for tourists
  • Income from tourism is reinvested in infrastructure, transport and schooling

6. Your investment

  • A guaranteed monthly return
  • A long or short term investment
  • You are the owner of the land and building
  • Own use is possible





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